The Beginning of Mararey Designs

From a very young age, I have always been creative and tried to take simple things and turn them into beautiful pieces of art. The story of Mararey Designs emerged from a moment of darkness that was transformed into a glimmer of light and hope. In 2004, I entered a dark stage in my life when I learned that my cancer had returned and that I would have to undergo chemotherapy again to treat it.

During my period of treatment, two friends gave me a great gift, my first and only jewelry starter kit. This is where my dream began. I used the kit and made myself a necklace set. The process was both enjoyable and therapeutic. As I fought cancer, I developed the strength to create something new. A new fight for life and a new passion for creating jewelry. I added my newfound interest in jewelry making to my hobby of crocheting. While my current battle with cancer ended successfully, My passion for designing and creating one-of-a-kind jewelry continued to grow.

One day, I was approached by an admirer of my jewelry that I was wearing who offered to buy the piece on the spot. That interaction led me to believe that I could turn my passion into a business. I decided to go into business and share my creativity with the world. I specialize in creating unique jewelry and crochet pieces that help every client shine while exuding confidence and strength. I am so grateful to God because without him in my life nothing would be possible.

Thank you for taking part in my dreams!

Mararey Designs

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